Gonstead Method

Gonstead Technique: Gentle, safe, and effective back pain treatment from your chiropractor in Everett

Dr. Michael L. Clark is a licensed chiropractor specializing in whole-person treatment. At Dawson Clark Chiropractic in Everett, WA, we use just enough intervention to correct the underlying conditions that cause chronic pain and disability. One of the methods we use is the Gonstead Technique. Here are a few things we want you to know about it.


Gonstead Technique is an Exceptional Gentle Chiropractic Intervention

The Gonstead Technique, also known as the Gonstead Adjustment, emphasizes carefully studying the patient's health concern and finding the subluxation that is causing symptoms. A subluxation is a "pinched" or compressed nerve. These nerves become inflamed. They may generate constant pain or they may fail to carry messages from the central nervous system to the portions of the body they control.

It's relatively easy to identify nerves that are pinched in the upper spine, but it is harder to identify nerves that are compressed or pinched in the lower spine. Years of experience help when your chiropractor is finding just the right joint at just the right location to bring back into alignment to treat chronic lower back pain and other lower-body issues.

The adjustment itself is painless and fast. You lie on your side, and your chiropractor applies hands-on pressure to move the targeted vertebra or vertebrae back into alignment. That's it! Gonstead Technique is very safe and it is very accurate. And it can have some unexpected benefits.

Gonstead Technique an Effective Chiropractic Intervention

One of the principles of the Gonstead Technique is that the chiropractor adjusts every subluxation, every pinched nerve, not just the pinched nerves that caused the problems that resulted in the patient's visit. This whole-person approach produces changes in conditions that one doesn't usually associate with chiropractic back pain treatment.

The Gonstead Technique doesn’t "cure” diseases, but it can help reduce symptoms from such conditions as high blood pressure, neuromuscular disease, seizure disorder, cluster headaches, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). This whole-person approach to health can make just enough of a change in the patient's underlying health to support healing processes that may already be underway (including, of course, healing processes facilitated by other kinds of doctors) so that the disease came under control.

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